*No school April 15-19 for spring break! Enjoy your time off!


Monday, 4/22/19- Hamburger

Tuesday, 4/23/19- Popcorn chicken

Wednesday, 4/24/19- Asian Chicken

Thursday, 4/25/19- Taco nacho

Friday, 4/26/19- Chicken patty sandwich


*Tuesday, 4/23/19- 2nd grade science fair. Yearbook Club meets at 2:45 pm. Good News Club meets after school. (Good News Club will be held through April.

Wednesday, 4/24/19 Snow Day makeup for Young Rembrandts.

*Friday, 4/26/19- Day of Scholars.  Cancelled due to snow days.  May be rescheduled.

*Saturday, 4/27/19- Music Memory competition.